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The Deep – Hull

The Deep – Hull

Why not venture out of your comfort zone and come and visit The Deep – Hull?  The Submarium offers some great exhibits and hands on activities for all that visit.  On Sunday 29th January, I decided to do just that and make a visit to this attraction.  The Deep in Hull is the most visited attraction outside of London!

Sea Anemones

Sea Anemones at the Deep in Hull

Living in Hull, you never seem to realise just how popular something is until you visit it.  On my second visit to The Deep, I was surprised to see the car park full and a line of people queuing to get in.  From joining the queue, it took us about 30 minutes in total to get to the cash desks.  On paying the entry fee, the delight on our faces was obvious, we get to visit the place more than once and only pay once!!!  Bonus!!!  

Because it is a busy attraction, we were expecting to wait and queue for the lifts.  However, we were feeling fit and we thought that the stairs would be a great option.  How wrong we were!  Although we reached to top, it was tiring and we didn’t realise just how high it was!  There are some great sites and also some educational ones to keep the children entertained.  The Deep is absolutely fantastic for its educational ideas and it is not only entertaining for the children but also for adults.

The big tank

Following our entry to the exhibition, we are excited to see that they have some exciting 3D visual effects.  These effects really do make the difference and add to making the visit exciting.  Moving on from here, you find yourself walking to where the big fish live.  Rays, swordfish, sharks all perform for your amusement.  Next, the Gentoo penguins perform for you, diving in and out of the water and playing with each other.  However, you have to feel sorry for these little fellows as the space doesn’t seem big enough for them.

Gentoo Penguins pondering their life.

Gentoo Penguins

Finally as you walk around, you find yourself, yet again marveling at the big fish in the big tank.  Although these fish look bored senseless, they are really taken care of and The Deep does have a great conservation programme.  One which is to be envied.  One thing I really enjoy when going to The Deep, is the tunnel close to the end.  Here, you are able to immerse yourself in their world and see them swimming over your head.  For the children, this is great and you can hear their squeals of delight as they do so.

Sting Ray

Ray fish given us all a show.

On a personal note, The Deep has really helping me see the benefits that they are doing to help conserve the oceans.  The only negative point for us, was the fact that the stairs take you in and then back to the cafe, followed by more stairs to get out! 

For a fun day out, I would really recommend this attraction as fun for all the family.  Well worth the entry fee!!!

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