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Saal Digital Photobook

Saal Digital Photobook – Great Value and High Quality

Whilst surfing around, I saw an advertisement from Saal Digital offering a free photobook.  In return for this photobook, I was asked to provide a review of their product and post it on various social media. 

Ordering of Photobook

The way that you order is quite unique!

Saal Digital Photobook

Firstly, you have to download the software from their website  From here, you can then decide the type of product that you wish to purchase.  In my case it 

was the photobook.  The great thing about the Saal Digital software, is the fact that you are able to order different sizes of photobook.  You can then choose how many photographs you want to appear on each page.  In my case, I wanted a photograph to be spread over 2 pages.  My main reason for this was to see just how good the quality of print would be.  Another reason for this was to be able to showcase my photographs.  

Once you have chosen your photobook and then chosen how many photographs you want to appear on each page, you then begin to add the photographs you want to put in the book.  When you are all done, you upload your photographs and then, you are taken to a preview of the photobook.  If you are happy with what you see, then you click continue to move on to the pricing section and enter the discount code given by Saal Digital.  Where the cost is over, you must pay the outstanding money by Paypal or by credit or debit card.  Then you wait for delivery!


Secondly, Saal Digital send you an email with a link to the order management area.  From within this area, you are able to monitor how your order is doing, from preparation through to despatch and further.  

The very next day, Saal Digital had printed my photobook and despatched via DHL courier service.  Amazing!!!  I could not believe just how quickly Saal Digital did this.  At first, I was thinking that quality may not be too good, but then I just had to wait and see.  

From ordering to delivery, the whole process took 4 days!!!  The product had been printed and put together in Bavaria and shipped in no time.  WOW, excellent service!  Really impressed with the whole set up of this company.

Quality of Photobook

Saal Digital Photobook

Finally, the day came when my order was delivered.  I opened the packaging (very well packed might I add), and there was my beautifully padde

d Saal Digital photobook.  I quickly opened the book and was amazed just how good the photographs and the print was!!!  Amazing!!!  Saal Digital have really made me proud and shown me just how quickly quality can be produced.  There is no comparison to other photobooks that I have I have ordered from other suppliers.  It is really a high quality product.  

What more can I say about the service that I received from Saal Digital.  It was excellent and cannot fault the system that they use and the quality is amazing.  If you are an amateur photographer that is wanting to ‘up their game’, then definitely give Saal Digital a try.  You cannot go wrong with this company!

Although I didn’t receive any payment for this review, please note that I did get a free photobook in exchange for a review of their product.

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